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  Mission Statement  

We expect all students enrolled here at White Pass Jr. Sr. High to live by the standards of honesty, integrity, self-discipline, respect, and love of knowledge. Our athletic mascot, the MWP TimberWolf, sets the tone for staff and students to be steadfast, focused, determined, and ready to accept challenges. Together, let’s create and maintain a “L e g a c y o f E x c e l l e n c e.”

 We believe that everyone, everyday can learn, grow, and be successful. We honor that belief with our fidelity.

  About The School  


The White Pass School District is located in East Lewis County, Washington. It serves the communities of Packwood, Randle, and Glenoma which are located along US Highway 12. The district currently has a student population of around 435 students. The district and schools are named after the mountain pass over the crest of the Cascade Mountains, located at the east end of the district. The district offers a comprehensive K-12 Education.

The district also offers an Alternative High School called, White Pass Learning Academy. The District is currently in a Sport Cooperative with Morton School District. The combined schools Sport Team is called the Morton-White Pass Timberwolves (MWP). Green, Orange, and Black are the school colors.