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Darla  Mullins

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Darla's Bio

 Where do I start.  Some almost 30 years ago I started working full time for the White Pass School District. Before that I graduated from White Pass High School in 1973.  I'm giving away my age, but in this small town, everyone pretty much knows everything about me already. I attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington for two years.  I ended up moving back here to the valley.  I had two kids and subbed for the district before starting full time in 1987. I have been so blessed.  As a para I haven't made a ton of money. But, the connections I have made with students over the years is worth way more.  Nothing warms my heart more than when a former student stops by to say hello.  I have learned way more from the kids than they have learned from me. This year I have started a somewhat new adventure.  I am manning The Den, an intervention room.  I am already seeing good results from trying to deescalate students before they have to have a referral.  It's a safe place for students to come to.  I'm excited for the positive interaction with the kids.  I will still be doing lunch detentions and after school detentions where needed. 

In the summer I do Discovery Team.  That has been an amazing experience. I also take gate for the High School games.  I love that because I get to see so many people I don't get to see often, except for at the games.

All in all the journey has been grand. There has been laughter, tears, frustration and exhaustion and every mix of emotion.  I know when the day comes for me to leave, it will be hard to walk away. I have been one lucky lady.