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Subjects Taught
RTI READING 1, Spanish, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, SPED Math


I hold a Masters in Education-Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment from Walden Univ.

My credentialing was earned at Sonoma State Univ for Bilingual Education.

Graduated from UC Riverside with a Major in Spanish after transferring from UCLA.

My HS alma mater is Cupertino High, graduating class of about 600


Teaching is my life!!!!!!   In what other occupation can you honestly say that you make a difference to the future and in peoples' lives??  ;)     

I started teaching in Monterey area with a Bilingual 1st grade classroom.  After 5 years, we could not afford a house on my teaching salary, so we moved to Washington where we had a chance.  Somehow the State of Washington gave me certification for Spanish, in addition to my Elementary and Special Education, so... now I teach High School Spanish.  I taught at Castle Rock for 15 years before moving here to White Pass as the Spanish and ____, ______, _______ teacher.  


I happily live in Randle!!  I have a fabulous house, in a wonderful setting, with two of the greatest kitties ever!!  I am lucky enough to work with some great kids & their families.  Mi vida es muy buena.  ;)

I care about community and advocate for the underrepresented.  I strive to do well in my life - and I encourage  my students to do the same.  I try to be positive, pleasant, and polite at all times and I push students to be the same.  Improvement is important to me - personally & professionally.

My family is up & down the West Coast - from Bellingham to San Diego.  Sister & family in LA area, parents in Silicon Valley, brother & family in Salem/Corvalis area. My son graduated from Western Wash Univ and still lives in Bellingham.  My daughter also attended Western (later graduated from Cordon Bleu specializing in Hospitality Mangement) and she lives in the Portland area. Our niece lives in Kent area but has to drive to Everett for her job  ;(         Mr. Bobbe & I  also have family (son & very smart motivated grandkids :) in Grand Junction, Colorado whom we miss daily, they are just so far away. ;(  

My husband is on a medical retirement as he requires daily dialysis. (which I supervise every evening)  He is very occupied creating & landscaping our yard. His current project is a 6 hole mini golf course in a steep area of moss, dirt, etc.  He checks in monthly with his health team and is in good health otherwise.  (I sure could not move a ton of cement for a project)  He helps with Guitar Club as music is another one of his talents.  

I am excited about my career and I love working at White Pass Jr/Sr High  <3    I like having a career that truly changes the future. Neither fast food, nor shuffling papers, nor working in a cubicle made a difference in lives like teaching does.