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View 7th Grade Museum of Flight Trip
7th Grade Museum of Flight Trip

Flying high at the Museum of Flight!

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View Cup Challenge
Cup Challenge

Teamwork is the name of the game.

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View Egg Drop
Egg Drop

What goes up, must come down. But, can it survive?

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View Inference and Observation
Inference and Observation

Great observations in the school garden.

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View Jr. High Poop Assembly
Jr. High Poop Assembly

Fantastic assembly exploring the work the Conservation Canine Unit is doing out of U of W.

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View Mentos Experiment
Mentos Experiment

Student led experiment. Great job Kylie and Shaylee

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View Reading Class Uniform Debate
Reading Class Uniform Debate

Fantastic job stepping up and speaking out on school uniforms

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View Science Experiments
Science Experiments

Exploring through science

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